— ahorn.

© Thomas Ruff, Porträt (C. + S. Kewer), 1987, 185 x 225 cm – 72.8 x 88.6 in., c-print, framed

Donald Judd, Working Papers: Drawings, 1963-93
through April 12, 2014
Sprüth Magers Berlin

James Benning, Decoding the Passed
(After Black Hawk, Pettway, Mondrian, Traylor, Ramírez, Darger, Howard, Yoakum, Hawkins, and Tolliver)
through April 12, 2014

Early Works
(Katharina Fritsch, Rodney Graham, Aldo Rossi, Thomas Ruff, Anri Sala, Wiebke Sim, Jeff Wall et al.)
through April 17, 2014
Johnen Galerie

Thomas Struth
through April 19, 2014
Galerie Max Hetzler

© Joel Sternfeld, Green Valley, Arizona, 1978, Pigment print, 21,5 x 32,5 cm / 8½ x 12¾ in

Joel Sternfeld, First Pictures
through April 26, 2014
Buchmann Galerie

JH Engström, From Back Home
through May 10, 2014
Grundemark Nilsson Gallery

Gordon Matta-Clark, Films
April 5 – May 17, 2014
Galerie Thomas Schulte

© JH Engström, From Back Home

This double-projector presentation by Jason Fulford and Tamara Shopsin showcases their many collaborative projects and focuses on the opportunities to be found in this method of working. Fulford, a photographer and publisher, and Shopsin, an illustrator, author and cook, maintain separate practices, but their work often overlaps. Themes include spaghetti, philosophy, Rudolf Arnheim, Tokyo, Harpo Marx, baseball, mischief, puzzles, travel, Polyphemus, The Fall, Bruno Munari, city government, Albert Einstein, magic and a bloodshot eyeball.

Filmed on October 11, 2013, at “Head, Heart, Hand: AIGA Design Conference”

Installation view: Roe Ethridge, “Sacrifice Your Body”, Photo: Jens Ziehe

From the press release:

“In this his latest body of work, Ethridge conflates a rich array of photographic tropes, combining
personal documentary images made in western Palm Beach County, Florida (his mother’s childhood home), with surreal collage works, images from a discarded Chanel magazine story, various cross connected still-life images of a Bonne Maman jam jar, a Nike football, a phone receiver from the 80’s and a diptych of a very dead flounder. These are interwoven with what appears to be a carefully directed scene depicting a teeth-white Durango SUV sinking into and then being retrieved from a canal. The clash of visual styles, histories and meaning establish a flat line of dissonanceunderscored by the touchline admonition of the neon title – SACRIFICE YOUR BODY.”

Roe Ethridge, Sacrifice Your Body
trough March 8, 2014
Galerie Capitain Petzel

© Seiichi Furuya, Galerie Thomas Fischer

Wolfgang Tillmans, Silver
through January 18, 2014
Galerie Buchholz

Seiichi Furuya, I prefer to be on this side
through January 18, 2014
Galerie Thomas Fischer

Thomas Ruff, Photograms
through January 25, 2014
Johnen Galerie

Natalie Czech, I Cannot Repeat What I Hear
through January 25, 2014
Galerie Capitain Petzel

Friederike von Rauch, In Secret
through January 25, 2014
Feldbusch Wiesner

Lisa Kereszi, Fun and Games
through March 1, 2014
Robert Morat Galerie Berlin

Walter Niedermayr
January 25 – March 8, 2014
Galerie Nordenhake

Edward Burtinsky, Water
January 31 – March 15, 2014
Galerie Springer

Martina Hoogland Ivanow, Speedway
February 8 – March 22, 2014
Swedish Photography

Nicholas Muellner, essayist for Ron Jude’s book Lick Creek Line (MACK, 2012), discusses Ron Jude’s artwork and reads excerpts from his essays on photography.

© John Baldessari, Storyboard (In 4 Parts): Man Fixing Curlers in Woman’s Hair, 2013

© Keith Arnatt, Notes from Jo, 1991-95

John Baldessari, Storyboard (In 4 Parts)
Keith Arnatt, Notes

September 16 – November 2, 2013
Sprüth Magers Berlin

Ulrich Wüst Leporello Lesebuch Mitte – 80 photographies Berlin Mitte 1995-97, March 2003 © Ludger Paffrath

From the press release:

The exhibition Ulrich Wüst – Index/ Berlin Leporellos pursues the work of the Collection Regard on documenting and exhibiting the variety of possible photographic discourses about the change of Berlin since the end of WWII. Ulrich Wüst was born in 1949 in Magdeburg and lives in Berlin since 1972. As a qualified town planner, he has a special eye for the structure of the urban space and began to photograph as a freelance photographer in the late 70s.

Ulrich Wüst-Index / Berlin Leporellos
September 19, 2013 – February 14, 2014
Collection Regard

A lecture by Mark Steinmetz as part of The Larry Sultan Visiting Artist Program at the California College of the Arts.

Thank you Stanley.

Rinko Kawauchi on press at Mart.Spruijt in The Netherlands.

The designer Hans Gremmen talks about working with Rinko Kawauchi on her new book Ametsuchi on Aperture’s blog.

© Gregory Halpern, from the series “A”

One of the great pleasures of looking at art is in being an active reader, in piecing together the meaning of the work. Of course, I want the artist to have feelings, and to hint at them, but if he or she wraps it all up too neatly, not only do I feel force-fed the meaning of the work and condescended to, but I question the wisdom of an artist whose work implies he or she is capable of understanding it all. The best documentary work is as complex as its subject matter, does not attempt to fully resolve itself, and forces the viewer to interpret the work and engage with the subject matter independently.