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Mitch Epstein, Trees

© Mitch Epstein, Eastern Cottonwood Tree, Staten Island II 2011

From the press release:
Mitch Epstein’s new work features the idiosyncratic trees that populate New York City, underscoring the importance of trees in urban life and their complex relationship with the city’s human dwellers.
Trees have long been a leitmotiv in Epstein’s projects, especially in his series American Power (2003-2008). After five years of photographing the manifestations of energy production and consumption across the United States, Epstein decided to make pictures that reflect how he, “would like to see the world, not simply how I have inherited it.”

Read an interview with Mitch Epstein about this project on the New York Times’ The Sixth Floor blog.

Mitch Epstein
March 16 – April 24, 2012
Sikkema Jenkins & Co, New York

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