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Dirk Braeckman

© Dirk Braeckman, T.C.-T.H.-11

From the press release:

With their matte surfaces, gray scales and unclear motifs, the black-and- white photographs of the Belgian artist Dirk Braeckman (born in 1958) are utterly enigmatic. Working on the boundaries of the medium of photography, they combine fleetingness and substance, texture and distance. The pictures don’t tell stories, though one might be tempted to think so. Leaving the moment in which the image was captured behind, each work reveals the diffuse process behind its own creation.
Several of the new works featured at the exhibition in the Galerie Thomas Fischer were made for Dirk Braeckman’s recent show at de Appel arts center in Amsterdam. Included is also a recent film by the artist.

Dirk Braeckman
Galerie Thomas Fischer
April 26 – June 15, 2013

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