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Ulrich Wüst-Index

Ulrich Wüst Leporello Lesebuch Mitte – 80 photographies Berlin Mitte 1995-97, March 2003 © Ludger Paffrath

From the press release:

The exhibition Ulrich Wüst – Index/ Berlin Leporellos pursues the work of the Collection Regard on documenting and exhibiting the variety of possible photographic discourses about the change of Berlin since the end of WWII. Ulrich Wüst was born in 1949 in Magdeburg and lives in Berlin since 1972. As a qualified town planner, he has a special eye for the structure of the urban space and began to photograph as a freelance photographer in the late 70s.

Ulrich Wüst-Index / Berlin Leporellos
September 19, 2013 – February 14, 2014
Collection Regard

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